BYOD @FlemingCollege


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) @FlemingCollege is officially a ‘thing’. This space will allow us to learn, share, reflect and showcase how we are learning as a college community and how we will be integrating the use of mobile technology into our teaching and learning spaces.

The rationale for this BYOD initiative is to allow students, faculty and staff to use the technology, applications, and strategies that they are both familiar with, and have adopted for themselves.

BYOD allows people to interact with learning materials, data (research), and their own notes. It encourages them to participate actively in their own learning and create new knowledge as they attend their classes and work on projects.

This space will include the detailed outline for our 2 day workshop component, the notes that we take together as we learn, a blog for individual reflection, a curated collection of resources, etc.,

Please follow along and join us on this learning journey…

(image above courtesy of Pavlina Jan Whatever I will do, I won’t Press (CC by 2.0))


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If you have any questions or want to connect with us please don’t hesitate to fill out this contact form… we promise to get back to you!!